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The Mediterranean Solar Bridge

Create a path for Cleaner Energy Integration into Europe's energy and grid landscape

Our visionary Italy-Spain interconnection project is a strategic step towards fulfilling the European Union's ambitious energy targets, exemplified by the Clean Energy Package and the EU's Green Deal. It is designed to unlock a new era of energy connectivity, transforming the landscape of Italy and Spain's power infrastructure. By harnessing Catalonia's renewable energy potential and optimizing photovoltaic generation, we aim to reduce power prices across Europe. This project promises not only economic advantages but also contributes significantly to a more sustainable and interconnected energy future. Join us in shaping the future of European energy.

Project Vision

Mediterranean cost line

Cross-border connection between Italy and Spain

Generating significant net (with investment cost deducted) social welfare gain per year, estimated to be at least 100 M€ p.a.

Tremendous social welfare gain

Building a new interconnection between Spain and Italy, which are both weakly interconnected across already tight corridors (IT North borders and ES-FR)

Increasing European interconnection capacity

Connecting the high load bidding zone Italy North (ITN) with considerable renewable generation in Spain and vice versa allows replacing conventional energy sources

Benefitting of higher integration of renewables

Creates synergies with planned Italian network developments such as the Hyperlink going north to Milano

Creating synergies in grid development

Included in the 2024 TYNDP

APOLLO-LINK is included in ENTSO-E's Ten Year Network Development Plan with an expected commissioning date of 2032

Establishing a standard technical concept/set-up – Bipolar HVDC, VSC converters: 525kV, 2GW

Applying state-of-the-art technology

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