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Explore Our Resources: In-Depth Studies and Technical Insights on the APOLLO-LINK

NTC study

This technical study reveals how the APOLLO-LINK project will significantly boost Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) at the Italy North - Spain bidding zone border. Using best-practice methods, we'll showcase the expected NTC increase and demonstrate compliance with EU Regulation 2022/869 by ensuring a minimum 500MW impact in cross-border sections. Unlock the potential of cleaner, more efficient energy transmission with APOLLO-LINK.

city lights
drilling site

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

Explore the potential of the Mediterranean Solar Bridge between Spain and Italy. Our Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) highlights how this project drives renewable energy integration and arbitrage opportunities. Boost cross-border trading, grid stability, and renewable energy adoption. A greener, more connected future awaits.

Technical description

Pioneering the future of energy exchange: Our project embraces the innovative 2 GW DC interconnection standard, a game-changer for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. This cutting-edge Rigid Bipole (RBP) configuration is set to revolutionize cross-border energy exchange in Europe. Explore our technical description and network modeling data for an in-depth look at this transformative initiative.

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